We will overcome this.



Since our son was assaulted by his previous teacher, he doesn’t leave his classroom. He doesn’t go to PE, to sensory room, to therapy, to the cafeteria. He simply refuses and has severe meltdowns when the staff tries. His new teacher has tried to get him to go at least to the cafeteria, to eat something but he refuses. She’s tried gummy bears (his weakness) PECS, picture schedules, nothing works. The district has brought in behavior specialists to make changes, but it hasn’t worked. He hasn’t left his classroom since January.

But yesterday, I received a call from the principal. My monkey willingly walked with his class to the cafeteria, he sat down, and ate his Chick Fil A chicken nuggets. Almost four months later, he ventured out of his safety zone.

My monkey is finding his peace, it is taking some time, but we are getting there. ❤️💙

My brave little boy. We will overcome this my monkey. Together we will.


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