I feel as if the monkey is stuck. We just can’t seem to move forward. I went to see him at school last Thursday. He was in the classroom with the teacher and the aid, no other children. The other kids were in PE. Since his assault, he doesn’t want to go to PE, nor therapy, nor the cafeteria, nor the sensory room (which he used to love). After that we had a doctor’s appointment with his psychiatrist and he told us that the monkey is still trying to handle what happened to him. That these are signs of PTSD. He will only go to places that he feels safe. And this just breaks my heart.

The teacher told me that they try to take him to the other places by bribing him with gummy bears, or talking to him, even begging him. But it doesn’t work. The psychiatrist said that we have two options. Option 1, take him out of school. But that would mean he’d be with my elderly parents all day. Option 2 – wait it out since we have about a month left for this school year to end. Next year he will go to a different school. And he will have the same teacher he had a few years back. His doctor said different school should help him to get over his fears and having a teacher he’s had before will help him with this transition.

Until then, we are just trying to move forward.

Yet it feels like we are moving one step forward, two steps back….

I feel helpless….

All I can think about is how hard this must be for my monkey and I cannot seem to help him.



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