I received a call from the principal yesterday about how bad my monkey was doing. Apparently, he cried so much they struggled to get him off the bus; they couldn’t get him inside to class. Which I don’t understand since he had an amazing weekend. And yesterday in the morning as we were waiting for the bus, he was so happy.

The bus driver told us that as soon as they turned into the street towards the school, he cried so much they couldn’t get him to stop. He was so upset when they arrived at school. We talked to his psychiatrist and he keeps telling us to be patient as he goes thru his PTSD. Eventually he will feel peace when it comes to school.

I used to work in a place that I hated so much that my stomach would hurt on Sunday nights, knowing I had to go in the next day. I can’t help but imagine this is how my son feels. 😢

This autism journey is tough. 💔

Photo Credit: Talk About Curing Autism


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