Feliz Dia De Las Madres


A very special “Feliz dia Las madres” (Mothers Day) to my wife and creator of this page. A calm breeze, warm, a warrior, and mama bear whose love for her children is admirable. The monkey tells you everyday how much he loves and appreciates you in his way. You are his security blanket and the greatest love of his little life. I have always loved to sit back and just watch these life intense conversations you have with our daughter over the years. She’s had the best mom and mentor all her life. Now that she is about to graduate and embark on her new chapter of life, I am but excited how much success she will have due to the special relationship you too have had. I had hoped that today would be a different day for you but instead you are on a waiting room waiting for my medical procedure to be over….you are always by my side.
Y por todo esto y mucho mas te amo con todo lo que puedo amar….Feliz dia de las Madres!!!



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