That View!

After some years of talking about it and a year of planning, we decided to take a vacation without the monkey and his older sister. This was a hard one for the monkey’s mama. We have never left him without one of us being there with him. We did everything to cover all angles. Each day we made sure all of the monkey’s needs were going to be met. We had an emergency plan with emergency contacts if need it. Off we went. My wife and I, along with a very small but close group of friends, took 4 nights and five days on a distant vacation. It was amazing and the only thing better than that was the fact that our planning caused no disruptions to the monkey. Our family is very fortunate to have amazing surrounding family and friends who all helped us out with this wonderful vacation we had. I specially want to thank our daughter who always steps up as an older sister and a ferocious advocate for her brother. When we got home that night, he was sleeping wrapped in his sisters arms. It was wonderful to come home to that view!!!



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