Fifteen Minutes

The monkey loves our private speech therapist. He anxiously but patiently waits for her before each of our appointments. And when he sees her coming to get him, he runs inside excitedly.

Last week, he hugged her so much he didn’t want to let go. When my husband finally told him it was time to leave, he wanted to take her with us.

And for my son to want to do this to you, that means you are pretty special. He has accepted you as part of his team. ❤️

But she is getting married and will be out for two weeks. Yesterday, as the monkey was excitedly waiting for her, and another therapist came, he lost it. Changes in his routine are so difficult for him. My husband said that it took a few other therapist and himself to assist the money in getting inside the room. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for him in trying to understand what was happening. Why did they take Ms. Sarah away from him?

It took about fifteen minutes for him to finally accept that he had to stay with the new therapist. And he didn’t do great during the actual session, but he tried. And the fact that he had accepted this change in just 15 minutes is amazing. It used to take weeks, many therapy sessions for him to get to the acceptance phase of new people in his life.

And although it was a tough beginning session, I’m very proud of the monkey. I know he trusts my husband and me in making the right changes in his life. I know it takes him a little bit longer than most typical kids. But that’s okay, I will count this one, his fifteen minutes, as a victory.


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