He Does.

Since the hubby is a teacher, he gets to stay home with the monkey, which means the monkey doesn’t see my parents on a daily basis.

Yesterday as my husband was driving to buy groceries, he made a turn that wasn’t towards my parent’s house. Which the monkey wasn’t happy. He started grunting and trying to pinch my husband, letting him know he wanted my husband to drive towards my parent’s house.

When my husband asked him, “Do you want to see grandma?” The monkey started clapping anxiously, his way of signing “more”.

So they stopped by to say hi to my parents. And the monkey couldn’t be happier.

And as my husband is telling me this story, I can’t help but remember the pediatric neurologist, telling us what our monkey wasn’t going to have. He wasn’t going to have empathy, and he wasn’t going to connect with other people.

And yet he has, and he does. ❤️💙




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