Ten plus!

We went to California for my nephew’s wedding. We debated, Should we go? Should only my husband go? Should we take the monkey? And then I weighed in all the stuff that could go wrong. But we decided to be brave and go for it. We planned for the worse during the wedding. We planned…

How every IEP should start.

We are scheduling our first ARD meeting at the monkey’s new school. I hate these meetings. They are tough to handle. The discussions are about how my son isn’t meeting expectations. And it breaks my heart. 💔 Educators forget that words have power. And they should focus on how they are used.❤️💙 Photo credit: Autism…

Autism & Anxiety

Today was hair cut day. Although the monkey did pretty good, didn’t scratch and didn’t hit, he’s extremely anxious. The shower that normally tends to calm him down didn’t work. He’s been jumping and hitting himself for a while now. We keep reassuring him that he’s safe. But he’s struggling to get there. 😥


Why? 💔 Photo credit: Herding Cats by Phoebe Holmes


Got up early today and tried hiking with the family. We even took one of our doggies. It’s a mile up and a mile coming down. We can do this! We figured it will be dead if we go early. Nope. There was a hiking party. We thought it’d be too much for the monkey…