He is so much more.

If you are in my home at 5:30 when I get home from work, you will hear loud noises coming from my son because he’s anxious that my parents are leaving. He hugs one very hard then runs to hug the other. He hugs them both so hard that sometimes it seems like he’s going to knock them to the floor. As they leave he runs upstairs so that he can see them get in the car. He will not come back downstairs until he sees them drive away.

Right now he’s eating his dinner and making loud noises because he’s excited that his doggies are inside the house eating as well.

My seven-year-old son makes loud strange noises when he’s happy, he flaps his hands when he’s excited, he will spin and walk on tippy toes, he will be on his sensory swing and swing away while he sings and hums.

I know when we are out other people are curious or surprised to hear the noises that he makes. They are strange noises to the outer world but to us they are the beauty that my son brings.

As I’m typing this he runs over to me to give me a hug, but his hands are full of ketchup and I don’t want to get dirty. He realizes this and he starts to laugh and now he’s trying so hard to smear me with ketchup! 😅😂

He sits back down at the dinner table. And now he is trying to throw some of his dinner to the floor so that the dogs eat it. And I told him he’s not allowed to do this. So he comes over to kiss me and while he does this, he throws a little bit of the food to each dog. He thinks I cannot see him. ❤️

My son is so much more than what the outer world sees.

He’s a typical seven-year-old boy, who knows my weakness of his kisses to do things he’s not allowed to do, who plays with me in trying to get me dirty, and he is someone who loves his grandparents.

He is so much more than his diagnosis.


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