Not so different after all.

The monkey has been infatuated with this rug. he received it a few years back for Christmas and he never cared for it much. But for the past few months, he loves it. He carries it with him up the stairs, down the stairs, outside , anywhere around the house. Sometimes the dogs will lay on top of it and he right away goes over to move them. he likes to examine it very carefully.

He traces his finger over all the details of the map. He will then take our finger to trace the letters. He will look at us because he wants has to say the letters out loud.

This past weekend I was vacuuming the carpet and I vacuumed his rug. And he went bonkers. I hadn’t realized that he had never seen me vacuum his rug. But he lost it. He tried to attack me, he was so upset I couldn’t calm him down. My husband had to step in to help me. I was trying to show him what I was doing and that I wasn’t hurting the rug just trying to make it better. But he absolutely couldn’t handle it.

And this is autism. Things that typical kids wouldn’t bat an eye, become so difficult for my monkey. I think for the most part we know and can anticipate when he will have an outburst, but then there are those times that he just surprises us and catches us off-guard.

I have seen that meme that says autism doesn’t come with instructions. It comes with parents who never give up. And that is so true. Because my son like most typical 7 year old little boys, just needs a little bit of patience and a lot of love.

That means he is not so different. ā¤ļø


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