Homework Battle

The monkey’s teacher had mentioned that she felt he was ready for homework. We had tried homework a few years back and it didn’t go too well. She said she felt he was ready. What I like about this is that we get to see exactly what he’s working on, and we can see if he understands it. With this information, we can talk to our private therapists and let them know where he needs help. We can coordinate to be on the same page.

Well it’s been two weeks and it’s terrible. He not only hates it, he despises it. To say it’s a struggle to get him to do homework is an understatement.

I get it. When he gets home from school, this poor kid then has to go to therapy for an hour. Whether it is speech or occupational, it’s work for him. I’m sure he’d prefer to be on his swing or trampoline than at therapy. And on his off days, we schedule our in-home trainer’s visit. Which means he has to work there as well.

And now we are adding homework. It’s not a lot. If he focused, he would complete it within five minutes. But of course it takes us much longer than that.

His meltdowns are so bad that we have to drive for about an hour to try to calmn him down and for him to fall asleep. It takes a toll on him and on us.

Last night as we are driving, my husband is in the back seat with the monkey holding him down. And as the monkey finally calmed down, my husband asked if all of this was worth it. You see by the time we are home, after work and after therapies, we spend about two hours with him. That’s it And these past few weeks, those two hours are spent with him screaming and crying.

We have asked our in-home trainer if she can provide us a PEC for homework. Hopefully this will help him know that homework is needed and maybe will help with the transition. Hopefully.

I’m struggling with this one. Should we just give in and not force him to do homework? This way we get to enjoy our evenings? But wouldn’t that mean that our seven year old dictates what to do? Or should we keep fighting this until he realizes that it is part of his routine and hopefully accepts it?

Today my husband will be home late. This means it will be up to me to make sure he does his homework. We haven’t been very successful with both of us there, I’m not sure how we will be with just me.

Wish me luck. πŸ˜”


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