Halloween for teens and adults.

Unfortunately with disabilities such as autism, these are disabilities that are not physically visible. In the event you see a child whose 15 or 16 years old, or even a young adult, and they are trick or treating, let’s try not to judge and think, “You’re too old to be trick or treating.” Because one never knows.

Therefore, let’s try to be understanding of our differences, let’s be more open minded and caring. Before our son was born, we went to a Christmas Symphony concert. Behind us was a young man about 25 years old who was making a lot of noise, fidgeting a lot, and let’s face it interrupting the concert. But no one was staring or looking back, no one looked annoyed. Later on they notified us that he had special needs. What was really great about this experience is the understanding of everyone there. 💙

So if it’s not too much and you are giving away candy this Halloween, and you see someone that’s a little bit older, why not throw them candy or two in their bag?

Plus isn’t this the awesomeness of Halloween? Candy. 😊

How about we simply enjoy this festivity and share this happiness with others. ❤️


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