PJ costume

The monkey used to hate jeans. And now that’s all he wants to wear. Even at night he won’t let us change him to his pajamas. We wait until he’s asleep to put on his PJs.

I knew this morning would be rough. I bought these skeleton glow in the dark PJs for his Halloween costume (great idea I got from one of the parents last year, instead of paying for a costume, buy pajamas!!).

Anyways he didn’t want them. He was adamant he wouldn’t wear them. I had mentioned to his teacher that I didn’t think he’d let us put it on. She replied by telling me to send it in his backpack. She’s a firm believer in letting her special needs kids celebrate in everything that typical kids do.

So I sent the PJs and sent her a note. He didn’t want his costume. I don’t think he will wear it.

And an hour ago, she sends me this pic of my monkey. With his costume! 🥰

Goes to show you just how comfortable he is with his teacher. He said no to me. He said no to dad. But with teacher, he says yes.

This is a win for us. ♥️♥️


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