The cabin.

We decided to rent a cabin for the weekend. The monkey has been doing so good that we thought we’d try this. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive and we figured the monkey would be able to handle it. What worried me was the actual cabin. He’d have to realize that we’d be staying there and he’d have to understand that we’d be sleeping there too. And not on his bed, his safe zone.

And he did amazing. He did struggle a few times but for the most part, he did great. He hiked with us. He did try to run away a few times during the hike but with five adults constantly surrounding him, we caught him every time.

He had to wear his jacket and a winter hat and he didn’t mind. He understood and would even get me his hat when he wanted to go outside. He didn’t complain at all. My daughter bought him two new sets of markers and he colored while we were at the cabin. He didn’t mind sleeping on another bed and didn’t mind my sister and my daughter’s friend staying with us either. Surprisingly, he was very comfortable with most of the change.

The one thing he did mind was the shower. It was a shower with a tub and in my bathroom, the tub is separate. He was not having that. He was scared and didn’t understand why he had to shower there.

I loved how he would stare at the deer as we would drive by. He even hung out with my husband in the backyard while he grilled. The rest of us were inside because it was way too cold. But he stayed outside with his dad, keeping him company.

Driving back my husband thought one of the luggage had come loose. He pulled over on the side of the freeway. I got out to help him see what the issue was. The monkey did try to get out of the car and almost gave my sister a heart attack. But I was right there and stopped him before anything happened.

And that’s the thing with this kid. In an instant he wants to make a run for it so we have to be constantly vigilant.

I’m just so proud of this little guy. He’s been surprising us time and time again. We’ve learned to move forward when he has his meltdowns. And we’ve also learned to celebrate every victory, as small as it may seem. ❤️♥️


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