The Kind of Dad.

Yesterday was rough.

Very rough.

The monkey struggled with my parents, he struggled at therapy, and he struggled when we got home. The monkey’s meltdown was about three hours long.

Rough is an understatement.

Yesterday was just a bad day for him.

My husband and I met my parents at therapy. They were struggling with him. My son was sweating so much from so much crying. We wanted to cancel therapy.

Driving home was hectic. He tried to open the door after he unbuckled his seat belt. As you can imagine, that’s pure terror.

Coming home he wouldn’t stop crying. We just couldn’t figure what was wrong.

And throughout all of the chaos, my husband was patient. Trying to calm him down. Talking to him and trying to figure out what was going on. He kept saying that we need to talk to the monkey in a calmner tone so that we de-escalate the situation.

After a while the monkey fell asleep.

And within a few hours he started again. Crying. He gave us the keys, his way of telling us he needed a ride. So we drove. For about an hour we drove. It calmed the monkey down so we kept driving.

And during all of this craziness my husband was loving. Trying desperately to assist my son, trying to find out what his needs were, with so much love. So much patience.

And all I can do is love my husband so much more. If he would have lost it, became upset or fustrated, I wouldn’t have blamed him. Any typical person would have gotten upset a long time ago.

But we are not typical. We are special needs parents. We have learned that we don’t have a choice. We have had to be extra patience, even when it seems impossible. We can’t be this strong for us, we are this strong for our children.

Even if that means driving in the middle of the night to calmn our anxious son.

And today, I am so grateful to have my husband next to me. We are both on this autism road, trying to figure it all out.

Trying to find our way.

And seeing the kind of dad you are to our kids, to our son, is the most beautiful thing. ♥️


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