An autism thing.

The monkey has started to like the rocks in our front yard. For some reason, he wants to carry them and take them with us when we go for a drive. He likes a particularly big rock. It’s smooth and pretty heavy.  He likes to lay it on the car’s floor next to his feet. My husband worries a lot that he may hurt himself. And although we know he shouldn’t be carrying rocks, we give in and simply make sure he’s safe.

A few days ago my daughter’s friend was stopping by. My sister had just arrived from giving my son a ride towards Baskin Robbins. It’s our usual drive for when he is anxious and needs help calming down.

As my daughter’s friend is getting off his car, he notices my sister carrying a large rock and placing it under our tree. Of course he is confused. What’s going on? Why does she have a rock and why is she placing it under our tree?

And we simply laughed at this!!!

How does one explain this?

We drive to Baskin Robbins and the monkey will ask us to read out loud the signs of the other businesses next to Baskin Robbins. A hair place, Jimmy John’s, a Chinese restaurant, Yogo Berry, etc.

I’m sure the people outside look at us with much confusion and curiosity.  Why would we drive up and down in the shopping center, point and read out loud each businesses?

It’s unique and difficult to explain.

But here it goes: It helps my son with his anxiety.

Rocks, Baskin Robbins, and sometimes Albertsons do the trick.

I can’t explain the why’s of this. Why rocks? Why Baskin-Robbin?  I do not know.

It may not make sense to others. And that’s okay. 

It’s an autism thing.


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