Our Mountains.

Yesterday we had to go to the other side of the city and we had to drive thru our mountains. We have a beautiful backyard view from our home of the mountains but driving in between them is always so beautiful.

The monkey is typically oblivious to these things. He does great in car rides but typically doesn’t care much for the outside world.

However yesterday as we are driving up towards the mountains, he was mesmerised. His jaw was literally opened the entire ride.

He was in awe.

He eyes were wide opened as he was trying to grasp the enormity of it all.

And I just love this. How he has shown us to see the beauty that we have become oblivious to. He loves to stare at flowers. He will look at them from different angles.  He will look at rocks and study them for hours. And now our mountains. And seeing life thru his eyes just re-emphasizes how quickly I can get caught up in issues, that in the end,  don’t really matter.

How the simple things can be so beautiful if I just take the time to appreciate them.

I kept telling him,”They are called mountains. Mountains.” Over and over again. I wanted him to know what he was looking at.

When we were done with our visit and we are getting ready to drive back, we are buckling him up in the car and I ask him, “Do you want to see the mountains again?” And he immediately starts clapping and jumping up and down in excitement

I will learn from you my monkey. I promise I will try very hard to actually stop, and smell the flowers.


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  1. Jaya says:

    Very true. It’s the simple pleasures of life that are ever-lasting. Wishing your little monkey a lot of joy, and through him to you,too.


    1. Thank you! Beautiful comment! ❤️❤️❤️

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