His fur buddies.

My son doesn’t pay much attention to other kids. Every now and then we see that he acknowledges them but it is infrequent. His teachers will sometimes mention how he hugged one is his classmates or helped in picking up their pencil but it’s rare.

The one thing that is not rare is how he treats his doggies, Harley and Bella. He loves them. He defends them. He protects them. And they in turn love him too.

As soon as we get home, the monkey will run to the back door asking us to let them inside. Of course both Harley and Bella are eagerly waiting to come inside too.

If we are scolding one of them and put them in time out outside, he will run to defend them, asking us to let them come back in.

And when he is outside in his swing, he runs inside, grabs a box of cereal, runs outside, and dumps it on the ground before we can catch him. Although he gets in trouble, he doesn’t care because he knows how much his fur buddies love the cereal. ❤️

Bella is our oldest. She’s a golden retriever and she’s absolutely beautiful. She has a heart of gold. But she’s older and struggles to get up. Yet when I’m scolding the monkey, she gets up (with a lot of struggle) to get in between the monkey and myself, to protect him.

Harley does the same. But she’s more aggressive. If she feels there’s danger nearby, strangers, she will be ready to defend my son.

They are his loyal protectors. His loyal companions. His loyal friends.

And as much as I act upset when he throws his food at the doggies, I love it. They are his true friends. And that’s what friends are for. ❤️


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