Top of the class.

Post from the hubby!

The year finally ended, closing another year of teaching. It truly was a memorable one given how the world has changed in front of our eyes. However, for the first time in my teaching experience I had an AU student in a one-semester class called Special Topics, Social Studies focused.

I had briefly met this young student some three years ago in campus and I learned more of him from my teacher peers. The last week of May 2019, he came in to my class and said “I will be in your class next year for one semester.”, then turned around and walked straight out of my class…..classic! coolness, I thought!!

He was a great student and gave me many memorable moments. I have to admit, having an AU son made me prepare myself a little more.  I wanted to make sure that the projects we would do in class would challenge him. He is extremely intelligent, little to no eye contact, and of course, a little social different than everybody in the class. My class lectures tend to be limited to about 10 minutes with guidance to the tasks at hand for whatever project we would be in. He would laugh hard at my dumb jokes and scratch his beard at the same time. Other times, he would come to me and get one on one guidance, always specific, always intentional.

One day when the class was silent, while everybody worked on their tasks, he said to me out loud “I like this class.  It distresses me.” and then he went back to work. I had never received such a compliment from him before.  I owned it.

Of course, there were challenges, but the training I received from my son prepared me to be of service to this young man and I am thankful for that.

Recently I received a message from this young person and it said “…I did what most faculty thought that a SPED could not do. Be on the Top 10% of the graduating class.” He attached his graduating picture with his unique wonderful smile….words would cheapen how proud I feel!!!!


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