Virtual learning continues

This pic was taken yesterday, after class and school work. It was rough. He was done.

But today my husband’s ex student showed up. We realized we needed help. She will be helping us a few times a week for a couple of hours. And today the monkey did all of his work . He not only stayed still and participated on his first class, he also stayed for virtual speech too.

My husband was downstairs teaching, my daughter was in her room taking her virtual classes while I was in my bedroom working. It was strange to sit back and work without worrying about him.

We were ready in case we would hear a commotion to run in and help. Not once did we hear him cry or fight. He was however being silly and we could hear him giggling. But no melt downs.

It was around 8:50 in the morning when I told him teacher was almost here. As soon as I said that he went to his room, patiently sat down on the table, and was waiting for the zoom conference to behind. ❤️

He sees her as his teacher and respects her as such too. She’s patient and kind and loves him. Which means when he has meltdowns she will understand. What more can we ask? It’s pretty perfect.

This virtual learning is so difficult for everyone involved. Teachers, students, and parents. I was so close in postponing it all. I just didn’t think he’d be able to understand it let alone gain anything from it.

And the monkey keeps surprising me time and time again. He is doing so much better in accepting his new norm.

And today at 5 pm, as we were going to start our virtual session with our in home trainer, he runs to get his core board, since he couldn’t find his PECs. He pointed at the box for ‘Eat’.

He was hungry. 🙃

We’re getting there little monkey. We’re getting there. 🥰


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  1. Jaya says:

    Happy post! 💓


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