We got you.

We decided to rent a cabin for Christmas. We have not been out and about since March. I figured being out in the middle of the forrest will be a nice change.

However we knew the monkey would struggle. As soon as we arrived, he lost it. He kept pressing on his communication device: I Want Home. I Want Home. I Want Home.

He did this over and over.

Then he ran back to the car and didn’t want to get out.

My husband decided to move the SUV in the garage and let him wait in there. We could hear him crying and crying.

After a while he came inside. He was still crying non-stop. When I showed him the bedroom I told him this where we will be sleeping, and he tapped his head twice. His sign for no.

Eventually we decided to let him self-soothe. We started unpacking and getting ready for dinner.

I bought him a new package of markers and showed it to him. He ignored them and kept telling me: I Want Home. I Want Home.

After while of us unpacking and figuring out what we will need for Christmas dinner tomorrow, we saw the monkey sit down and start to color.

This kid struggles with change so much. We knew this would be hard. But so far, so good.

We are very proud of you my monkey. Uncertainty scares you. But we got you. We got you. ❤️💙


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