There are times when the monkey will do something and it just astonishes me. And so many times I get reminded about how I under estimate him. We were watching tv last night, my husband and I. I would hear my son run upstairs, then downstairs, then upstairs. When he would come downstairs, he’d hide in the laundry room. I always check up on him when he is not with us. My husband was telling me that I should sit down for a bit. That he is okay. He says I worry too much.

Yesterday I waited a bit before I decided to finally go to check up on him. But before I went upstairs, I went to the laundry room to see what he had been up to. He had spilled his juice on the laundry room floor. But the thing about this is that he was running upstairs to get towels from the linen closet. Then he would come downstairs. He was using the towels to clean up the floor. He placed all of the dirty towels in the hamper after he had used them.

He didn’t come and ask me for help. He didn’t even let me know he had spilled anything. He simply decided to get towels and wipe the floor.

This may seem as something so typical for most kiddos. But as you all know, my son is not typical. Yet he showed he was independent and was able to use his own solution to his problem at hand.

My son’s teacher always tell us that we tend to underestimate him.

I do. I don’t mean to, but I do.

And then he shows me that he can do way more than the credit I give him.


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