Grandparents Love

My dad got admitted again to the hospital. He went to the emergency room Wednesday with a lot of pain and was admitted. The following morning on Thursday, I went to see him. He was in so much pain. He said he’d been in pain all night and wasn’t able to sleep. I called his nurse to discuss the pain management plan.

While we are waiting, the first thing he asked me was:”How’s the king?” His nickname for my son. I told him he had a good night and got in the bus with no issues. He was struggling to talk and I kept telling him don’t talk. Just rest. But he wanted to ask about the monkey. Did he eat well last night? Did he get off the bus okay? The nurse finally came and we moved on.

Friday morning I visit him again. He was in so much pain and I was calling his nurse. Once the pain meds kicked in he looked so tired and was finally able to sleep. But he was fighting the sleep and wanted to find out how my son was.

“How’s my king? Did he sleep ok? Has he been eating?” I told him to go to sleep. Save his energy. Don’t talk.

He kept fighting sleep and wanted to know how the parent teacher conference went. I told him it was amazing. I’ve never had such a great conference. They told us how well he’s doing, he is independent, follows his schedule without much assistance, and he takes changes very well.

My dad was smiling, as he listened to me, with his eyes closed.

Then he tells me:”‘I’m nervous for today. Didn’t you need me to pick him up at home when the bus drops him off?”

I told him not to worry and just rest. “But who’s going to take care of him? Someone needs to be home.” He kept forcing himself to talk till I finally told him I wasn’t going to answer his questions. I can see how he is tired and can barely keep his eyes open. “The monkey is fine. Don’t worry about him. Right now you need to rest.”

It amazes me the love grandparents have for their grandkids. That despite the pain he’s in, the exhaustion he has, he’s worried about my son. Hes been using the little energy he has left to ensure my son’s taken care of.

And I’m beyond thankful my son has his grandpa. Most of us parents wouldn’t be able to make it without our parents’ love and support.

The love of a grandparent is unconditional. ❤️


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  1. Jaya says:

    So true. Those children who are emotionally close to their grandparents grow up to be good adults, I believe. Hope your dad is better now. Monkey must be missing him, too.
    Best wishes.


    1. Yes. He misses him. He points at his pictures.

      Thank you for your kind wishes. ❤️🙏😢

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