Beginning of Summer

We drained the pool this Friday for some cleaning and maintenance that was very much needed. And as we are filling it up again, the monkey would just stare at the water.

Every summer Bella, our golden retriever would be the first one to get in. And then the monkey would join her. And this is the first summer without her since she passed away.

The monkey kept looking at the water. We’d ask him if he wanted to get in as we are filing the pool up. And he wouldn’t want to.

But just now, he asked for his swimming clothes and went in.

It’s not the same without his beloved swimming companion. We still miss her and love her. But I’m very glad he had the courage to get in on his own.

Here’s to man’s best friend. 🐕
Our fur buddies provide unconditional love.

RIP my dear Bella. ❤️


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