Last night I put some door draft stoppers on our back door. It had been very windy and there’s was cold air coming in. The monkey kept seeing me do this while he was watching TV.

Fast forward to 2 am. We were asleep when the monkey comes over to grab my hand. I am not sure what he wants to show me. I didn’t even realize he was awake. Half asleep I walk down the stairs with him.

He had tried to flush the draft stoppers down the toilet. ☚ī¸

So what are we doing at 2 a.m. while everyone is asleep? Cleaning all the water on our floor. Then removing the entire toilet to try to get the plastic that’s stuck in there.

The monkey kept saying he was sorry. He kept apologizing. But we were stern with him. Reminding him that this is very wrong.

This autism life is exhausting. 😭


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