The monkey has been doing so well during these two weeks of vacation. Simply put, he’s just happy. And we love seeing him this way. He’s constantly laughing, hugging us, giving us affection.

He’s just happy.

Today we were talking about going back to school. We told him class will start tomorrow and we need to get ready.

I told him he needed to get his shoes ready. He ran upstairs, found the shoes where we had stored them, and placed them on the balcony where we place his school clothes.

Then together, we got his pants, shirt, and undies ready. I would give it to him and he’d go and place them where they belonged.

Then I went downstairs while he stayed in his room. I called for him, he walks over, looks at me from upstairs, and I tell him: We forgot your socks. You will need two socks.

I put up two fingers and count: one and two. Two socks.

He stares at me. Then I see him bring one sock from his room. He shows it to me from upstairs. I told him you need two socks. Not one. I count with my fingers: one and two. Two socks.

He looks at his hands and puts up one finger, then another. It seems he’s thinking this through very hard.

He then goes and grabs another sock. Great!

I am working late today so I move my attention to my laptop.

When I come back to check on him, he has over 30 socks, all different colors and sizes, on the balcony. He even grabbed our socks too. 🤣

I found more on the laundry basket next to the balcony, and more inside the garbage can downstairs. I’m not sure what happened here but I think he was a bit overwhelmed since I left him on his own.

He over thought this task.

But he tried. He tried all on his own.

And I am just so proud of this kid! ❤🥰


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  1. Arnold says:

    I volunteer in a large, public elementary school 5 days per week, mostly in kindergarten. We have an autistic girl who mostly does her own thing, sometimes disruptive. She’s very cognizant. Each day is a step forward in our development, even when we slip.


  2. Oh I love this. And with your positive reinforcement and support I know she will thrive. We need more people like you., who chose autism, and chose to help families like mine. Thank you. ❤️


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