These are the moments.

My husband is sitting on the kitchen table grading his students’ essays. The monkey and I are sitting on the sofa just hanging out. Then my husband got upset. He can’t find an essay. “Damn it!”, he yells. My son gets off the sofa and runs towards my husband to hug him and kiss him….

An act of kindness.

Last night the monkey slept great. And this morning he was in such a good mood. He was happy as he was getting ready to go to school. Since he was doing so good, my husband asked if it’d be okay if he left a little early, he had to go to Walmart on his…

Being happy.

Today is snowing in our city, which is rare. Upstairs, all the family together, including our two doggies and our cat, fire place on, enjoying this cozy evening. Just pausing and being happy. πŸ₯° (Photo origin: Unknown)