Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish our Autism families a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 🦃❤️  


We will be hosting a Thanksgiving lunch today for some of my husband’s students. Many of them haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. To thank them for their hard work, we invited them over to our home. That means last night we had to fight the crowds at the grocery…

His BFF, Harley.

The monkey, fell asleep while playing with his bestie, Harley. ❤️💙

Make yourself a priority. 💙

Mom & Dads – we forget to take case of ourselves so many times. We need to make us a priority, because if we are not okay, who will take care of our kids?


My monkey is oblivious to Halloween. Adding to this mix his sensory issues, costumes are pretty difficult. I always struggle to get something that he won’t fight me on. Obvious things like masks, gloves, hats are off the table. He loves the movie Cars and I was able to find a Pit Crew costume. It…