Trusting me enough.

Today my son asked to shower. After he was done, he went to his room. He picked out and put on underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt. In typical households, these things would have been a normal day. But in ours, this is a huge celebration. These past two weeks we’ve been trying to potty train…


The monkey has been amazing us so much. His cognitive skills have increased this past year. Although he’s regressed socially where he has a fear of going anywhere other than school and home, he’s flourishing in other areas. Schoolwork is one of them. His teacher told us last week that he follows his routine without…

Asking for help.

The pandemic has made the monkey more reclusive. Before he struggled to go to unknown places but now he has a phobia. He screams and cries as if someone is actually physically hurting him. My husband started a new job around October. Due to the quarantine guidelines, we were not able to visit his office….

Acceptance is the goal. πŸ’™

On Monday the monkey woke up in a bad mood. The night before he had showered and went to sleep very upset. Showering is still a huge struggle in our household. He woke up remembering the night before. Every time it is shower night, he will get upset and take off all of his clothes….

Where craziness is just part of it. 🀣πŸ€ͺ

A few weeks ago when our main bathroom was being remodeled, Blu our cat, went through the floor holes when the guys weren’t watching. We could hear him crying but we struggled to get him out. Eventually my husband had to cut the wall from the back of the fridge downstairs to free him. Today…

Starting with myself.

This past Saturday my husband and my daughter were working. It was just the monkey and me. He was in his bedroom playing with his toys and watching television. I was in my bedroom folding laundry and putting it away. Our bedrooms doors are about ten feet apart. Which is why I’m pretty comfortable when…


The monkey has been using his iPad to communicate a lot more lately. I love how he is able to get out of his YouTube videos and then click on his speech app to let us know what he wants. Once he clicks, he will stare at our eyes to see our reaction. He still…


The monkey has been doing really good. I strongly believe that it’s because of his communication device. He’s able to tell us what he wants which means he doesn’t get frustrated as easily as he had before. His meltdowns are a lot less and also last very little. He’ll come home from school and right…

Potty Training

How’s potty training (for the 20th time) coming along? After his shower, we put on his underwear. He ran away to his room. And then, we couldn’t find his undies. He threw them inside the fish tank. 🐠🐟 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This kid is hilarious!


These are the two messages from the monkey’s teacher last week. Wearing a mask all day by typical people is hard. Wearing a mask all day on a kid that has sensory issues is beyond difficult. So proud of the monkey for doing this. πŸ’™β€οΈ