The Wall.

My son loves to be outside. He can be outside for hours on his swing, his trampoline, or just running around with his doggies. And today, as my husband and I are outside talking, the monkey moves the chair next to the rock wall and climbs to the other side. I run towards him with, I’m in so much fear. The other side is an arroyo, we have snakes, scorpions, and there have been sights of foxes. I’m so nervous he will run away and we won’t be able to catch him. But he doesn’t run. He’s scared and is trying to cross back. My husband pulls him over the rock wall.

And how is my son doing? He runs off laughing. He thinks this is the funniest thing ever.

So I tell him he’s not allowed to do this. He cannot be in the other side. I force him to stare at me and tell him to listen. But he’s laughing away.

My husband was getting ready to leave. I tell him we will be okay. To go ahead and leave. I start thinking about plans to make the wall higher, maybe put a fence on the other side or maybe increase the rock wall.

And then the monkey makes a run towards the wall. But this time he leaps, without any chair, and within seconds he’s on the other side.

I run towards him and am able to grab his hoodie. He’s trying to get away from me but I’m not letting him go. Then I pull him over the wall towards me. But in doing so his stomach got scratched. 

And now we have to add this to our list of what to worry, things of what to be on the lookout. That is until we can fix the wall.

As I look back at him after trying to compose myself, he’s laughing and swinging away on his swing.

He’s oblivious to danger.

But for now he’s safe. And happy.

We will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.


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