The Fall

My dad called me at work. The monkey was running between his trampoline and the swings. He tripped. Scratched his chin. But his eyelid was cut open. They couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Now picture my mom crying because she’s worried. My dad trying to calm her down. The monkey scared because he knows something is wrong but doesn’t know exactly what it is. Plus he has blood on his face and my parents trying to wipe it away.

One word is chaos.

I call my husband, he picks me up at work. We run home. My husband took over. First thing is let’s shower him. The monkey loves to shower, it soothes him. This way we can see how deep the cut is. I was very nervous. I thought we’d have to take him in for stiches. And I knew if that was the case, that would not be easy.

I ran to get liquid band aids. We knew an actual band aid wouldn’t work. He hates anything on him. He’d peel that thing off as soon as he could.

Once he was out of the shower we pinned him down and put the liquid band aid. After a while the bleeding stopped.

And off to play he went.

My parents were devastated. But the monkey is exactly that. Energetic. Fearless. A typical boy.

This was simply an accident.

I think tomorrow his eye is going to swell. We are trying to help him so it won’t be as bad. He does pick on scabs a lot. This is why his cuts don’t heal as fast. Another obstacle.

That’s okay. A bump on the road. A bump we were able to jump over.

On to next time. ❤️


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