The results.

The verdict?

He won third place!

He did amazing! My sister went to check up on him for a bit in the morning and she said he was doing great.

His teacher kept sending us updates and pictures during the day. She did say he became very excited and had an accident. My husband had packed his backpack with extra clothes just in case so he was fine.

We were told he even marched in the parade after!

I am just bursting with pride. ❤️

I underestimate my kid many times. I am over protective and worry about so much.

And then he steps out and proves to me he can do so much more.

Third place! He kept his cap on. He ran in the race. He walked in the parade. He didn’t mind the crowds and noise. He even stood in the podium!

I just can’t even explain this feeling.



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  1. Jaya says:

    So happy for you!


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