The toilet. 😂

We have been making some upgrades around the house. Well my husband actually. The rest of us just try to help whenever possible. 😁

The carpet was pulled from the living room. But while we wait for the tile to arrive, my husband decided to move to the bathroom.

Our toilet is old. My husband decided to install a new one. He removed the old one but decided to paint the walls before installing the new one. Old one is in our floorless living room for tonight.

Where does that leave us?

No toilet downstairs.

Not a big deal for most of us. We can just use the one upstairs. But for my son, who needs consistency? Who struggles with change?Who is still not 100% potty trained?

He went to use the restroom. He notices there is no toilet. Looks around in bewilderment, sees the toilet in living room, and he runs towards it.

I run after him to stop him. I tell him he needs to go upstairs. We run together and he barely made it.

As he is washing his hands, he looks downstairs, stares at the toilet, looks at me, and walks slowly to his room, confused.

The stories with this kid. Never a dull moment! 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️


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