The monkey has been using his PEC book (picture exchange communication) more and more. He used to hate it so we stopped using it. We brought it back a few weeks ago and it seems to be clicking. He loves car rides so he gets the car ride PEC and places it in the front of the binder and then shows it to us.

Last week, he couldn’t find the car ride PEC. So he put the help PEC. I asked him if he needed help and he clapped (his sign for more). Then I went thru the binder and two of the pages were sticking together. So when I un-stuck them, he got the car ride PEC and placed it in the front of the binder. 🥰

Our amazing In-Home-Trainer brought us more PECs. Pics such as pool, doggies, washing hands, brushing teeth were in the bag.

And right now, he was sitting down next to me as I worked. He went in search of his binder. He brought me the pool PEC. He wanted to go outside and swim.

So many times he cries in anguish because he can’t communicate his needs. And I see him jumping over this hurdle one picture at a time. I’m awed at his resilience and many times patience in teaching us how to understand him.

For being eight years old, I think he’s pretty phenomenal. ❤️


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