Venturing Out

My husband said he needed to go to Home Depot. Then he adds: Let’s take the monkey too.


My heart dropped.

Huh? The monkey? Inside?

But he’s been doing so so well. He’s been sleeping all night, he listens, he picks up after himself. And he lets us take different routes when driving. We don’t take the usual routes, we have been changing it up, and he’s fine.

So we ventured out.

He did amazing. He did pick out two things for himself: a bag of chips and marigold plant.


My husband took him to the restroom for a quick potty break. We paid and got back to our car.

We haven’t ventured out since before the pandemic. He is getting over his fear, and well so am I.

The little things are the ones that we will always remember. πŸ’™


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