It’s all in how you look at it.

A few weeks ago, the monkey started bleeding from his mouth. We didn’t know why. We thought a tooth may have fallen off. But after trying to stop the blood to figure out its source, we noticed he had a huge lump on the bottom of his gum. That’s where the blood was coming from….

The LAMP App

A week ago this Friday, we received a new communication device. After many attempts to get this device from the school district, we finally received it. I took about 4 hours of online videos to try to understand how it works. The app is called LAMP. At first, I was very excited. I want to…


Second day in a row that the monkey wakes up at 1:30 in the morning. 😭

The bus

The monkey started school last week. The day before we had told him: Tomorrow the bus is coming. He kept looking at us but didn’t really pay much attention. That Monday morning, we got him ready. He put on his new shoes, pants, and shirt. He had gotten a haircut the day before. We brushed…

More than enough.

My father had eye surgery this past Tuesday. He had gotten on three car accidents this past year. When we finally brought up that he shouldn’t be driving, that’s when he told us he wasn’t able to see from one eye. He needed cataract surgery. It’s so strange to see my dad at this phase….


The monkey woke up at 2 am today. I had to go to the office today due to some meetings we couldn’t move. Aside form this I lost my glasses and have had a huge headache all day. I drank 3 cups of cofee just to keep up. I get home and it seems as…

Hiding 🤣

This past week I was looking at the camera to make sure the monkey was OK. I was in the next room in a work call. I could hear the TV, but couldn’t see him. He was hiding under the dog’s bed. 🤣

Venturing Out

My husband said he needed to go to Home Depot. Then he adds: Let’s take the monkey too. 😳 My heart dropped. Huh? The monkey? Inside? But he’s been doing so so well. He’s been sleeping all night, he listens, he picks up after himself. And he lets us take different routes when driving. We…

Be kind.

First week of summer school. So far, two days working from home. The monkey has been behaving amazing. This kid is so happy being at home. He is on his swing, then goes for a swim in the pool, then showers, then watches some TV, then runs outside, and then plays on his iPad. Repeat….

You are Enough.

The monkey’s last day of school was this past Thursday. He doesn’t qualify for summer school this year. Since he has not regressed and has actually done amazing at school, he doesn’t qualify. Friday was a tough one. He was waiting for the bus. My daughter and I kept explaining to him that it wouldn’t…

We will keep trying.

This morning the monkey woke up at 5:45. He slept all night! Didn’t wake up once. We love these nights where he had a full night sleep, and so did we. The first thing he did was go to the garage. He came back asking us to go with him. We said no. We cannot…

Beginning of Summer

We drained the pool this Friday for some cleaning and maintenance that was very much needed. And as we are filling it up again, the monkey would just stare at the water. Every summer Bella, our golden retriever would be the first one to get in. And then the monkey would join her. And this…