This morning wasn’t easy. The monkey loves to shower. Sometimes he will shower 7 or 8 times. We typically let him since it is his way to decompress. But this morning he was already on his 4th shower and it was only 10 am. We told him that this time we would not let him. And that started it all. He took off his clothes in frustration. He just simply refused to wear any. The struggle lasted for over two hours. I told my husband we needed to win this one. He needed to know that being naked was not an option.

It was non-stop screaming and crying. My husband and I took turns in holding him down so he wouldn’t hurt himself or us. I did hurt my middle finger when he bended it backwards.

This is where we struggle to determine if it is a meltdown or a tantrum. He’s never wanted to take off his clothes before. I am assuming that not wearing clothes was his tantrum for us not letting him shower.

In the end, the pic is how it ended. With my daughter comforting him while he wept non-stop. He needed her comfort, he needed to feel loved. And he ran towards her. Because that is what she is to him.

She will always be his defender and comforter.

I have read how many autism households have been struggling so much with this change. For being at home for three weeks in a row, starting our 4th week, we have not had it as bad.

I have been noticing how our pets a lot lately. Our dogs always want to come inside. When they are outside they beg for us to let them in. Our cat longs to go outside and many times he attempts to sneak out but we catch him and he runs back inside. One wants to leave and the other two want to come in. The grass seems greener where one isn’t standing.

It is all about the angle of our view.

Let’s count our blessings for there are always those that would love to have what we have. Let’s try to look at the glass half full because perspective is so powerful.

Sending you all love from our autism household.

Stay safe out there! ❤️🙏💙


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  1. sending hugs and understanding


    1. Thank you! 💙❤️


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