We are staring our 5th week in quarantine. My daughter is trying to take her classes online while my husband tries to teach class in the garage to avoid distractions as much as possible. I’m trying to have conference calls and submit work. And throughout all of this, the monkey needs to take classes and submit work assignments too.

But in all of the craziness, I step back and see how blessed we are that my son has an awesome team that surrounds him. His teacher drops off his work assignment every Sunday. His PE coach is trying to figure out a unique way for my son to get his physical education credit, a customized schedule. Our speech therapist from school will be trying to get his therapy going over video conference. (Wish us luck! ) And our amazing in home trainer is checking in on us to see how she can assist.

This is a lot of work for all of us. As I’m sure it is for everyone else. But as I step aside and keep looking out, I keep constantly reminding myself just how blessed we are. If the worst thing is trying to reschedule conference calls so that my son can get his thirty minutes of class time, then we don’t have it as bad. We have food and health. That’s more than most. That’s more than enough.

And this morning, as my son is asking us to let him swim while we are outside working on our laptops, I am grateful. More than grateful. ❤️


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